Doctor Who – Short Trips: Free Speech by Big Finish (Review)

Jul 22, 2021


Free Speech by Big Finish Cover Art

Doctor Who - Short Trips: FREE SPEECH

Doctor Who: Free Speech was a free 44 minutes about freedoms that left me speechless. Imagine a world where one word costs one drooble. Meanwhile, it gives me images of nights without bedtime stories and unable to afford to propose to my love. The latter is precisely how Aymius Todd got himself into a sticky situation at a loss for words. He better find them and fast; his police interrogator will spend every word before giving up.

By: Big Finish

Written: Eugenie Pusenjak
Narrated: Jacob Dudman
Cover Art: Mark Plastow
Director: Nicholas Briggs

Stuck between seasons of Doctor Who, Whovians around the globe are getting a bit antsy. Enter Big Finish with their excellent selection of audio plays. Big Finish devotes an entire line to each doctor and many lost companions. Imagine my joy when discovering that they had free audio plays to check out. ‘Free Speech’ is an engaging and entertaining one-shot about the lengths we will go for what matters to us most.

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“The only goal for limiting an infinite resource is control.”

This being about free speech, I won’t be getting into too many details of what happens to Aymius Todd. Plus, Spoilers! Instead, it’s more about how this play made me feel and think about my freedoms. It makes me wonder if I have earned them and whether I deserve them? There is so much to say – but left unsaid. Much falls through the cracks.

The Doctor waltzes in all bravado with so many words. Most of his words don’t even make sense. Some are simply names, which would be meaningless to all but a few. Others can only assume he is rich beyond their dreams. Yet, he can speak freely without consequence, while Aymius must get the most out of the few words he can afford.

‘Free Speech‘ by Big Finish nailed 10s personality

I get that we all must live within our means, but should that apply to resources that aren’t finite? I can speak every word I’ve ever known, and it won’t take away your ability to speak yours. The only goal for limiting an infinite resource is control.

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Eugenie Pusenjak produced a well-written story. Jacob Dudman gave gravity to the situation with his reading, which pushes it to near the top of my audiobook favorites stack. I like that it had some sound effects but that they didn’t go overboard. Now that I’m revved up with a free play, I’ve got my eye on other paid stories like Ravagers starring Christopher Eccleston.

The audio play ‘Free Speech’ by Big Finish is a thoughtful Doctor Who story that makes you think. I really enjoyed it. It was free, which means everyone can listen! This Doctor Who tale tackles the critical issue of censorship and how quickly we can forget our own history in an age where information travels so fast. Don’t miss out on this insightful drama featuring the 10th doctor; be sure to download your copy today!

Score: 9.5

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