From Space (Review)

Dec 1, 2022

Getting 3 friends together and playing From Space sounds like a great time. But when a game is more or less designed to be enjoyed as co-op rather than single player? In the end it results in a frustrating waste of time. That’s rather harsh, but From Space has many redeeming qualites. They just get lost behind frustrating enemies and gameplay choices.

Release date: November 3rd, 2022
Publisher: Curve Games
Platform: SteamSwitch

From Space Level
From Space

Single Player vS Co-Op

Jumping into From Space is seemless. Pick a Specialist, get accustomed to the controls and weapons. Aliens come fast and furious through the entire game. Which doesn’t leave much time for air. Haunting and action packed music lets the player know when a hoard of aliens are right around the corner.

As you progress through the map tasks, friendly A.I, equipment and enemies litter the entire map. Kill all the enemies in an area? find a quiet place to save? Sounds great. But then 5 mintues later you die and have to restart from your last save? All the enemies are back, and your health is low and all the equipment caches you found are opened and empty.

When playing alone (except when an awful A.I friendly follows you around) can be frustrating when wave after wave of aliens come after you and you are left with nothing but a machine gun and no health. Also doesnt help when the friendly hits you with friendly fire you die quickly.

The game plays much better when playing with friends. With someone capable of helping rather than hurting. From Space is designed to be played in co-op mode, but when the game can also be played single player? Then just as much attention should be payed to that experience as well.

Pick your Specialist

Worth Your Dollars?

Have a couple friends you like to game with? Do you have $18 CA? then From Space is worth it. The game is quite addicting, but also frustrating. With annoying enemies, limited gameplay mechanics and a reliance on co-op over single player campaign, From Space is a game best left to kill some time.

Rating: 6/10


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