Future State: Gotham #2 (REVIEW)

Jun 7, 2021


Future State: Gotham #2
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver
Art by: Giannis Milogiannis
Letters by: Troy Peteri

Not sure what led to the decision to make Future State: Gotham a black and white book, but I’m not a fan. Truthfully, I thought there was an issue with my copy of Future State: Gotham #1. Future State: Gotham #2 then confirmed it was a conscious choice made by DC.

Giannis Milogiannis’ artwork is impressive without colors, but the Future State: Gotham covers set expectations for something different. It felt like readers were getting a neo-futuristic colored book. It definitely takes away from the book, but Milogiannis and the rest of the team still have a good story going. If DC intends to extend this story beyond the six issues they announced, we need colors on these pages — especially for the sake of action sequences.

With Future State: Gotham #2, readers receive quite the surprise after Red Hood’s encounter with Nightwing and other members of the Bat Family. More on this in spoilers.

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As for the conflict between Red Hood and Nightwing, there’s no way this ends well. The consequences probably won’t be dire, but relationships will certainly be damaged by the end of things.

Speaking of relationships, it looks like Red Hood is about to start two new ones. I, for one, think they have quite a bit of potential.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Future State: Gotham #2 ahead.)


Batman and Red Hood, back together yet again. Interesting DC decided to go with that with Batman: Urban Legends featuring the two characters in their lead story.

For what Batman needs right now, the partnership makes sense. But as someone who’s Red Hood-first, I don’t always love it when those two work together. Red Hood does the things Batman won’t. Again, that makes him helpful here, but that also limits him. Because Red Hood always has to abide by Batman’s rules when they work together.

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Wouldn’t mind if Red Hood makes a few executive decisions Batman would disapprove of.

Score: 8

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