Game Streaming on the nVidia SHIELD PRO Android TV

Jul 17, 2015

When the nVidia Shield Pro was released last month, we brought you some pretty detailed coverage right in the launch window. But the Android TV version of nVidia’s gaming platform had a bug that crippled one of the most exciting features that I had been looking forward to. Audio capture was not working in the app it uses to record from the live desktop to local storage and also to stream to Twitch. While any voice narration from the user would be captured via the controller’s microphone, the in-game audio would be lost.

Flash forward almost six weeks, and Shield OS (my own term) v 1.3 seems to have corrected that problem. I have recorded several clips both to local storage as well as via stream to Twitch. While there are pops and clicks and a bit of garbled audio in the beginning, I think that this is normal. Hopefully, this is the last we’ve seen of this issue. nVidia did not handle customers that well throughout this snafu (my response thread with the support team just went silent one day), and QA seems to be a problem, as this is a pretty obvious issue that should have been caught. But it’s the era of OTA Quality Control, and so if I never see this again, I might just change my mind about the Shield PRO to an even higher opinion.

Until then, enjoy these videos for your game stream viewing pleasure (there’s one more in that embedded Google+ post down there at the bottom)!!! The microphone audio is not that great; it is too far from my voice when I record, because the Shield’s mic is in the controller, so this makes my voice sometimes quieter than the in-game audio. I am playing around with streaming so that I can figure out how to make that better. Stay tuned!


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