Games Podcast: 182 | Zelda Delayed

On this episode we talk about the Legend of Zelda delay which makes many sad, paying for the twitch views, a guy beats Dark Souls with Donkey Kong Bongos?, all this and more on this week Games Podcast.

Show Notes

Wii U Legend of Zelda no longer planned for 2015. (

13-year-old Minecraft player confesses to swatting, police say. (

Twitch-targeting botnets use infected PCs to inflate viewer audiences. (

MusicGlove helps stroke victims recover by playing a Guitar Hero-style game. ( – Really cool!



Guy beats Dark Souls with DK Bongos. (
Record breaking competitive Dota 2 match lasts over 3 hours. ( maybe


New horror visual novel resurrects the Sega Genesis. (

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