Games Podcast 194| Shenmue Kickstarter, Miyamoto addresses Wii U

Jun 26, 2015


On this episode we talk about the Shenmue Kickstarter, Miyamoto addresses Wii U, Early game access on Xbox one and Bungie get all salty. All this and more on the Games Podcast.

Show Notes

Shenmue 3 needs $10 million for a true open world. (

Miyamoto on where the Wii U went wrong. (

Xbox Game Preview brings early access to Xbox One, adds free demo options. (

GameStop opens up sales for ‘retro classics’. (

Fallout Shelter is making more money than Candy Crush Saga. (

Bungie gets salty defending Destiny’s expansion price. (


The Xbox One is being outsold by the PS3 in Japan right now. (
A game that fights for actual social justice. (

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