GDC Sees the Return of Classic Third-Person Shooter

Feb 28, 2017

In 1981, Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) brought to life the character of Rogue Trooper in the pages of the comic 2000 AD. Rogue is a G.I., a “Genetic Infantryman” manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions and poisonous atmosphere of NU-Earth. When his unit is betrayed and killed, Rogue goes AWOL in order to track down those responsible and dispense his own brand of justice.


The original comic series inspired developer Rebellion to create a video game based on the title in 2006. The original ROGUE TROOPER set the benchmark for video game adaptations of comic books. Developed by Rebellion®, the studio behind Sniper Elite 4 and owners of British comic book powerhouse 2000 AD®, it was widely acclaimed for bringing the cult sci-fi strip to life in an authentic, tactical, cover-based third-person shooter that debuted before the genre became the gaming staple it is today.

At the GDC (Game Developers Conference) today, Rebellion announced that Rogue was back! According to the developer;

ROGUE TROOPER REDUX will remaster the Rebellion® classic for a new generation of players, taking them to the chem-blasted battlefields of Nu Earth. Rogue, a bio-engineered Genetic Infantryman (or “GI”) immune to the planet’s poisonous atmosphere, is the last soldier standing against the colonial Nort regime. Carrying three fallen comrades as biochips in his equipment, Rogue is a one-unit squad of death and destruction, and he only has one thing on his mind – REVENGE.


This partnership will not only bring back the classic shooter, but could also mean future collaborations with another classic 2000 AD character, Judge Dredd.

Rogue Trooper Redux will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.

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