Geek Love

Oct 21, 2022

Love is a powerful and strange thing. Every human across the planet has pursued love in one form or another. Spiritually, we do not feel complete unless we love someone or something and receive love in return. Physically, our bodies exude chemicals similar to a drug-induced high when in love. Philosophers and artists have tried to describe love, and every single one of them has fallen short. For Geeks, it is a bit more challenging. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill person who loves Star Wars, comics, or anime. I’m talking about the shy Geeks, the ones where every interaction is awkward.

A lot of Geeks have had rough lives and use their Geeky interests to escape from their reality. The sci-fi or fantasy worlds they escape into are perfect compared to their real lives, so when faced with things like the possibility of a love interest, it is far more difficult.

First, a Geek will find someone interesting. They will not say anything, but it will most likely be all over their face they have found someone they like. As their interest approaches, they will turn in on themselves because of overwhelming shyness. Miraculously, they will somehow find their way to each other and start dating.

The thing is, Geeks will try to act normal around each other, not necessarily hiding their Geekness but suppressing it. Geeks will not do this for long. They will eventually want to let their love interest know how truly Geeky they are. The Geek will try to be subtle and slow about this; however, they are awkward and end up blurting it out in one giant fantastic overture. If their love is a Geek or Geek friendly, this announcement will be welcomed.

The next challenge is if both are Geeks, their Geekiness should mesh together. Are they Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Xbox vs. PlayStation? Marvel vs. DC? This can be challenging in some relationships, but if they can blend their varied interests, it is so magical. My favorite way I click with my wife is through movie quotes. They’re our little inside jokes in any moment.

My wife and I have very different Geekdoms. They come together for movies and TV shows. We both love Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and so many more. That is our common ground. From there, we have different interests. I love collecting Star Wars Legos, anime, and manga. Her Geekdom is amigurumi, crocheted dolls, and stuffies. We are very comfortable with our separate hobbies. We’ve respected and loved each other enough to check out each other’s Geekdoms. She has found some interest in an anime or two. I…well… I love her creations.

Now it is two Geeks together against the world. Remember, most are awkward and shy. It is difficult to go out into the big scary world. When you come home to find comfort in each other, it gives the person strength and reenergizes.

The final magical part of Geek love is when two Geeks start making Geeklings. It is wonderful when the little ones glom onto your interests. It feels amazing when they ask questions and wants to be like your favorite heroes. There is always the inevitable time when the Geeklings spread their wings and find new Geekdoms. It can feel disappointing when they don’t care about your Geekdom anymore, but I say be proud of their exploration.

Love is messy and weird. It is goofy and beautiful, if you are looking to celebrate with a flower delivery Sydney you should reward that special someone. There are heartaches and there is magic. For every Geek looking for someone special, be brave and open for the chances that come along. When the right one comes along, your Geekery will be worth it.

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