Geek Resolutions

Jan 13, 2023

Well, it’s a new year and social norms demand that everyone start at least one resolution for the year. The sad truth is only 9% of people see their resolutions through to the end of the year. 23% quit in the first week. This according to an article on

So then why do people make these promises to torture themselves into being a better person? I don’t know, however I do have an idea as to why so many people fail. They don’t enjoy their resolutions. Why not make a fun resolution? I’m willing to bet if you did, you would be more likely to succeed.

The following is a list of the most popular new year resolutions. Additionally, I offer some alternative resolutions or ideas for these clichéd annual promises.

Exercise More

New Years Resolution - Marathon

As I have already stated, most people don’t succeed with their resolutions, like exercise more, because it’s not fun. Going to the gym is intimidating. Running on a treadmill is boring. You go nowhere.

I have recently seen ads for virtual marathons. One that caught my eye is a virtual walking marathon from the Shire to Mordor. You enter your daily walk or run and it shows you where on the path in Middle-Earth you are. There are five actual hold-in-your-hands medallions you will receive as you hit milestones. You will also receive letters and postcards in the mail as you progress. Now that sounds fun and something I could complete.

Eat Healthier

FallOut Cookbook
FallOut the Vault Dwellers Official Cookbook

Instead of counting calories, cutting carbs, or whatever passes for the new diet trends, how about learning to cook food from your favorite video game or show? My son has the Fallout Cookbook. It is full of any kind of food or drink you may want to try. My son’s favorite is the Nuka Cola recipe. It makes a real soda.

I have also found, with a  little searching, various cookbooks for anime. I’ve also found Deadpool, Bob’s Burgers, and Princess Bride cookbooks.

Learning to cook something from your Geekdom will be fun and might even be healthy.

Save Money

Yes, saving money is a wise decision, but for what purpose? I believe there needs to be a goal for saving the money. For example, I wanted the UCS Lego Millennium Falcon. At the time it cost $800.00. My bi-monthly allowance would not allow me to buy it, so I saved my money up for it.

Maybe you want a PS5 or new top of the line gaming computer. Or you can save up for a vacation to attend San Diego Comic Con. These may seem extreme to some, but the point is saving is simpler with a goal.

Less Time on Social Media

Social media is an addiction for everyone, including me. Most people I think decide to spend less time on social media because a lot of it is toxic, or has no real purpose. I believe it is better to find a social platform that you enjoy.

I love Simplest way to describe this website is it’s Facebook for artists. All levels of skilled artists display their work for all kinds of genres and art mediums.

I used to draw, but decided I was a much better wordsmith, so I started hanging out at Again, it’s Facebook for writers. I post my writing on there all the time, along with all writers of different skill levels. People read and if you want critique your work. They are very nice about the critiques. As a matter of fact, the admins are excellent about policing the mean critiques and punishing them.

New Years Resolution - Lego - Fun

The Internet is dang near infinite. There must be a social media platform out there that shares your interests and is friendly.

Reduce Stress on The Job

This is a tough one. Everyone has stress in their work environment, even if it is your dream job. Nothing is perfect. As individuals we need to be able to step away and find life outside our jobs.

May I suggest an activity. How about learning Tai Chi? It is a meditative form of martial arts. My parents got into Bonsai Trees. They loved shaping them and setting little scenes under the trees. Finally, how about an anime or manga club? If you can’t find one, start one. I’m willing to bet there are other Geeks in your area that would love to join an anime club.

Have Fun! Try Something New!

Explore new things and find something that is fun for you. This will pump up your chances for a successful new year resolution.

Trying something new has been my new year resolution. Lego has just about run its course with Star Wars sets. Although I will still buy new ones that come out and strike my fancy, but those have been few and far between.

Instead, I decided this year to try something new. I have bought a Warhammer 40K model. I have enjoyed building and painting it. As a matter of fact, I have already ordered my next model to work on. I am now looking for places that like to display finished models, so I can share.

Whatever your Geekdom is, try to take it in a new direction. I’m willing to bet you will fall in love with your Geekery all over again.