Geek To Me Radio #172: Marieke Nijkamp on DC’s “The Oracle Code”-Dean Devlin and Christian Kane on WGN’s “Almost Paradise”

We talk with New York Times bestselling author Marieke Nijkamp about writing DC’s latest graphic novel about Barbara Gordon titled The Oracle Code.

Then we talk to Dean Devlin and Christian Kane about their new WGN show Almost Paradise premiering Monday, March 30th.

And as always, thanks to our amazing sponsors Marcus Theatres and Historic St. Charles, Missouri!

0:00 Segment 1 Marieke Nijkamp on DC’s The Oracle Code
12:13 Segment 2 Marieke Nijkamp on collaborating with artist Manuel Preitano on DC’s The Oracle Code
20:07 Segment 3 Dean Devlin and Christian Kane on WGN’s Almost Paradise
33:06 Segment 4 Will any familiar faces from Leverage or Librarians show up on WGN’s Almost Paradise
43:05 Segment 5 Christian Kane on becoming a mentor for the fresh new actors also appearing on WGN’s Almost Paradise

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