Geek To Me Radio #230: Voice Actor Neil Ross-Part 1-His Book “Vocal Recall”, Green Goblin, Rambo, and Voltron

Jun 2, 2021

n this 1st part of a 2 part interview, Neil Ross ( talks about his life as a voice actor and his book “Vocal Recall” ( available to buy now in print and audio.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Neil Ross talks about going from radio DJ to voice actor, not believing his own BS, his preferred directing style, being given scripts with no prep time, making Transformers: The Movie, playing Norman Osborn in different projects 15 years apart, and being the definitive voice of a character.

13:32 SEGMENT 2: Neil Ross talks about mimicking voices he heard on the radio as a kid, writing his book Vocal Recall about his life in radio and voice over, and being inspired to write after joining Rob Paulsen for a live podcast at a comedy club.

25:13 SEGMENT 3: Neil Ross talks about whether he thought his cartoon characters would be remembered 30 years later, being blown away by the fan support at his first Bot-Con convention, and collecting toys from his projects.

34:08 SEGMENT 4: Neil Ross talks about juggling 7+ jobs at once, the difference between acting for cartoons vs video games, voicing Rambo and Han Solo, and working on “Pryde of the X-Men”.

43:40 SEGMENT 5: Neil Ross talks about finding the character’s voice, the audition process, and creating the voice of Pidge for Voltron.

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