Geek To Me RAdio #245: 245-“Blood Born” w Reed Shusterman-“Nebulous Dark” w Shahin Solimon

Aug 3, 2021

Director Reed Shusterman talks about his new horror film “Blood Born” (

Director Shahin Sean Solimon ( talks about his new sci-fi horror film “Nebulous Dark” (

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Reed Shusterman talks about making “Blood Born”, the type of horror film he likes, how having a child affected his work, getting along with his crew, and casting the movie.

13:38 SEGMENT 2: Reed Shusterman talks about the less glamorous parts of filmmaking, rating his movies on a scale from “sucks” to “doesn’t suck”, and searching for the right story after being approved to make whatever film he wanted.

22:48 SEGMENT 3: Shahin Solimon talks about how “Star Wars” changed his life, getting his start on a local cable show, and working multiple jobs on a film set.

34:11 SEGMENT 4: Shahin Solimon talks about directing Sir Patrick Stewart in “The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad”, being inspired by “The Twilight Zone”, and the stress of editing a film.

53:06 SEGMENT 5: Shahin Solimon talks about his plans for a sequel to “Nebulous Dark”.


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