Geek To Me Radio #246: ‘Superhero Diaries’ with Director/Producer Scott Zakarin

Aug 6, 2021

Scott Zakarin talks about season 2 of “Superhero Diaries” ( and being able to work with some of the greats like Phil LaMarr, William Shatner, and Stan Lee throughout his career.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Scott Zakarin talks about how COVID affected the 1st season of “Superhero Diaries”and giving the actors room to improv.

11:00 SEGMENT 2: Scott Zakarin talks about finally having the actors in the same room this season, getting the chance to work with Phil LaMarr and having him play the live action version of Green Lantern, and winning the very 1st Streamy Award ever given out with William Shatner.

19:25 SEGMENT 3: Scott Zakarin talks about working with Stan Lee, whether season 2 was already planned out before he started filming, whether there will be another season of “Rideshare: The Series” ( , and what character James would like to play on “Superhero Diaries”.

26:30 SEGMENT 4: Scott Zakarin talks about how “Superhero Diaries” manages to stay topical, how obscure the show gets, and why it’s so difficult to get good costumes.

34:42 SEGMENT 5: Scott Zakarin talks about having over 2 billion views on YouTube.


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