Geek To Me Radio #250: Terrificon 2021 with George Newbern, Maria Canals-Barrera, Kathy Garver, and Robert Costanzo

Aug 28, 2021


0:00 SEGMENT 1: Kathy Garver ( talks about her very 1st voiceover audition, “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” now on Disney+, working with Stan Lee, being an author, her Retro TV reunion show called “Idol Chat”, and some stories from “Family Affair”.

15:46 SEGMENT 2: Robert Costanzo ( talks about roasting people in business meetings before becoming an actor, voicing Harvey Bullock on “Batman The Animated Series”, working with Andrea Romano, getting his start on “Dog Day Afternoon”, the movie “Do You Wanna Dance?”, the grind of “Days of Our Lives”, and the greatest lessons he has ever learned from his fellow actors.

33:58 SEGMENT 3: George Newbern ( and Maria Canals-Barrera ( talk about Justice League reunions, “Scandal”, “Father of the Bride”, “The Proud Family”, “Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five”, their favorite directors, balancing work and family, video games, and getting advice from Shirley MacLaine and Burt Reynolds.

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