Geek To Me Radio #251: ToyMan Show-Selling and Sourcing Toys-Planet Comicon-’The Suicide Squad’

Aug 28, 2021

First we talk to Chris McQuillen about next Sunday’s ToyMan Show at the Bridgeton Machinists Hall, then we talk to Spike Forster about how he sources and sells collectibles and toys, then we talk to the head of marketing for Planet Comicon Chris Phelan, and finally a quick review for “The Suicide Squad”. Keep an eye out for our “The Suicide Squad” spoiler discussion in the upcoming days.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Chris McQuillen ( talks about the 8.29.2021 ToyMan Show at the Bridgeton Machinists Hall, his family running toy shows for 30+ years, the different types of toys that can be found at ToyMan Shows, and why you shouldn’t skip those bargain bins that are under most of the vendor tables.

16:48 SEGMENT 2: Spike Forster a.k.a. That Lost in Space Guy (, talks about sourcing and selling toys and collectibles, how he got into selling, having a warehouse full of merchandise, how hectic his travel schedule used to be, a $1,300 box of Space Ghost bubble bath he has on his eBay store, his most treasured toy, what toy lines have skyrocketed in value, and the advantage of buying in person.

37:50 SEGMENT 3: While at Planet Comicon in Kansas City (, James talked to marketing director Chris Phelan about COVID shutting down the con for 2 ½ years and how they are back and bigger than ever.

47:33 James and Joey_Vee give a quick spoiler-free review of The Suicide Squad, Lookout for a spoiler filled discussion and history lesson of the comic series later this week.


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