Geek To Me Radio #264: part 2 with Tom Defalco, Paul Kupperberg, Howard Mackie, and D.G. Chichester

Oct 14, 2021


In this 2nd part of a 2 part interview, comic writer, editor, and creator Tom DeFalco talks about Thor, Hasbro, collecting comics, and the crowdfunding campaign for his new book ‘The R.I.G.H.T. Project’ with Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema. Also, James shares a roundtable interview from Terrificon with Howard Mackie, Paul Kupperberg, and D.G. Chichester.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Tom DeFalco talks about his problems with the DC films, coming up with the Acts of Vengeance crossover, co-creating New Warriors, and creating the character of Thunderstrike Eric Masterson in the Thor comics.

10:45 SEGMENT 2: Tom DeFalco talks about which of his characters deserved to be more popular, working with Hasbro to create comics like G.I. Joe and Transformers, how he feels about his legacy, collecting things that he has worked on, hurricane Sandy wiping out most of his collection, his plans to attend future conventions, and how J. M. DeMatteis convinced him to start going to conventions.

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20:43 SEGMENT 3: Tom DeFalco talks about the indiegogo campaign for the comic ‘The R.I.G.H.T. Project’ that he is writing with Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema (, being too busy for social media, and his upcoming Archie project.

30:50 SEGMENT 4: Howard Mackie, Paul Kupperberg, and D.G. Chichester talk about being pigeon-holed by certain characters they have worked on, whether there was a real Marvel and DC rivalry, advice for aspiring writers, and which authors have inspired them.

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