Geeks On Screen – Episode 22

Geeks On Screen – Episode 22


The Geeks On Screen are back for their second episode with the brand new format of show! This show will be shorter, simpler and more loose when it comes to talking about what we get on a roll talking about!

Brad and Danny join Everett this week to talk this weeks biggest entertainment news, Bond movies, Terminator, Scream the MTV Series and what it is about movie theater shootings/massacres that shocks the entire world and what can be done to prevent them.

Let us know what you think of this newer show and if you would like to hear us talk about your favorite show! Leave comments below!

Check out the video version!

Everett Harn

American Expat living in Sweden. Major film, comic, video game geek. Enjoys writing and sleeping as his main hobbies. Loves Pugs, Tom Cruise films, and life. Destroyer of Lymphoma and Unblessed of the Metal Age.

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