Geeks with Wives and Bits – Episode #1

Jun 3, 2015

Here at Geeks with Wives, we cover the essential pillars of nerdom. Comics. Entertainment. Games. And today we add a fourth: the love of all things tech. Join the regular cast of GWW Supreme Emperor Joe, Press any Key veterans Mikhail, Lance, and Leon, and GWW Technology Editor Agasicles every week for a toast to tech.

This week’s Co-Hosts are:
Agasicles Stamas, GWW Technology Editor
Lance John, GWW&Bits Technical Director
Leon Field, GWW Podcaster and Writer

The crew introduces themselves this week and recounts their tech geek origins. We then click into our Tech Philosophy 101 Topic for this week, sharing our thoughts on new technologies that we think are on the cusp of emergence and we just want to get here already! After that we take a quick trundle through the news, hitting on Microsoft’s plans to clean up the Windows Store, ESRB and Pegi Ratings showing up on the Google Play Store, and the impending launch of the LG G4.

It’s a tech extravaganza. Get your tickets and get on board the Bits Train! Kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the ride!

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