I Hate Fairyland Volume 2 (review)

Dec 7, 2016


I Hate Fairyland Volume 2 Cover

I Hate Fairyland Volume 2: Fluff My Life TPB
Image Comics

Written and Art by: Skottie Young

A botched monarchy, poor decisions, choppy scenes, and gore galore fill the pages of this trade. The story fails to weave or grow and left me bored. It simply feels like the amount of plot development of an XXX-rated film, and the pizza guy just showed up.

Meanwhile, Gertrude is the queen of Fairyland at which she fails miserably. After being released from the monarchy, she murders her way through to find herself no closer to finding a way home.

I tried to get into this comic. I’m as into irony as the next gal, but this one is so into the shock value of violence and gross references that the story gets left behind.

“…able to capture the vibrancy of a child’s fairy tale while maintaining an adult atmosphere.”

I got over halfway through this volume before investment in the story at all. Gertrude doesn’t learn anything, and neither do we. There is little character development if any. She fails to grow as a person as do all of the other characters. The only thing that surprised me through the entire volume is how predictable everything is. Example: when she is fighting her way through the Tower of Battle. Purty Pretty Princess steps out as the final boss. Reminiscent of a Disney princess, she quickly morphs into a badass fighter. Le sigh… in an attempt to portray the unexpected, he leaves us with contrived and lackluster pages.

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in I Hate Fairyland Volume 2, Gertrude Demolishes Fairyland… Again

What did I like… the ART! Skottie Young is able to capture the vibrancy of a child’s fairy tale while maintaining an adult atmosphere. You would think that something so cutesy would be unable to turn your stomach with portraying a heart ripped out of someone’s chest. However, he pulls it off somehow. I also got a bit of a chuckle during a couple of references such as erecting a huge wall to keep out would-be assassins.

My hope for this series is that Young will begin to further develop the characters into ones we can relate to. No, I’ve never been on a killing rampage. However, I have been a little girl lost. I have been an adult on a quest to seek something I thought impossible on too little coffee.

I will be giving the next volume a shot. You never can judge a series based on the first few episodes right?


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