Leia Organa makes her debut on ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

Jan 22, 2016

This is a new column that posts whenever a nerdy something or other comes across that’s worth focusing in on. In this case, Leia Organa appearing on Star Wars: Rebels. 

Phew! Boy, am I glad I don’t have to repeat myself in stating my, let’s call it, intimate investment in Star Wars: Rebels anymore. Why, you ask? Well, I recently wrote a short post with bullet points dissecting the mid-season trailer for the show. I totally nerd out over it.  If that isn’t enough for you, I also said, outright, on the last episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Scene that with Hannibal off-air, for the time being (holding out hope), Rebels is my favorite show on TV.

Super excitement took me over for the show’s return this past Wednesday, so much so I watched it first before Supergirl; The Flash; Arrow; and Legends of Tomorrow.  Rebels never seems to disappointment me, I have that much confidence in its ability to both deliver and bring quality week after week.  I was, however, wary of the introduction of Leia Organa.  There are reasons:

  • A super cameo of sorts with, Carrie Fisher as the voice, would’ve been really awesome!  A la Billy Dee Williams’ reprisal as Lando Calrissian in season one, but given that Rebels is based on the beginnings of the rebellion, it makes a lot of sense to seed the princess into the series now.  Then, going forward into future seasons she can be weaved in and out of the story-line.  So Julie Dolan, who voices the general-to-be in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising, is basically the more accessible of the two actors to keep long-term.
  • Knowing Dolan would voice Leia, I was trying to keep my expectations as balanced as possible.  I, honestly, didn’t know what to expect.   All I wanted from the performance, at the very least minus Fisher’s presence, was staying true to the character. And…

…the clip above is a mere 1:16, not even, but it gives you a good glimpse at how Dolan portrays the princess.  If you saw the episode in it’s entirety, you’d be pleased and also quite happy.  I actually liked the way the general of the resistance, come Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was incorporated a lot.

From things I’ve read, this is the lone appearance Leia will be making this season.  There’s certainly no finite goodbye between her and the titular Rebels.  So…I can’t wait to see her return to provide assistance or added leadership soon.


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