Ghost reaper girl Volume 1

Jun 8, 2022

Ghost Reaper Girl Volume 1 (Review)

Ghost Reaper Girl is a Japanese manga whose art and story are written by Akissa Saike, creator of Rosario+Vampire. As someone completely new to manga, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The story:

Ghost Reaper Girl is a story that revolves around Chloe. A woman who has dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a young girl. But alas! Her age may be to her detriment. An audition turns disastrous, and she manages to escape – only due to her amazing fighting skills! I mean GIRL POWER! *KAPOW* Anyways I deter. Chloe didn’t just fight off human beings. Oh no… She fought off escapees from Hades and catches the eye of Kai. A lolicon ghost entrusted to take care of these escapees. Kai tries to protect Chloe from these ghosts, and he merges with Chloe physically by entering her body to battle the ghosts that are after her. Turns out, she is a conduit for spirits, and they want to use her body to enter the mortal realm…

Publisher: Viz Media

Writes: Akissa Saike

Art: Akissa Saike

Last thoughts:

Dare I admit that this is my very first manga? Yes, I do! Will it be my last? Definitely Not! I found Ghost Reaper Girl to be filled with lots of humor which I loved. And the pace was fast, which made this a quick read. I also found the art to be visually appealing.

However, I do need to state that this won’t be for everyone due to the sexual innuendos, the harassment glorification, the lolicon Kai, and especially with ghosts/spirits saying things like let us get inside you….

Having said that though, Ghost Reaper Girl definitely has some potential, and I would definitely keep an eye out for the next volume to see where this story goes.

Score: 8