Give Me The Knights (of X)

Apr 25, 2022


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Knights of X # 1 Cover

Currently several mutants find themselves stranded and unable to get to Krakoa. Sounds like a job for Pryde and Co., right? Unfortunately, the Mauraders are currently off on a treasure hunt in Shi’ar space. Writer Tini Howard sends another Captain to fill in for the former Excalibur alum. And speaking of Excalibur, Betsy is the only member on this side of the Krakoa gate. Otherworld has gone dark.

And thus beginneth the Knights of X.

Knights of X # 1
“Hated and Feared”

Marvel Comics

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Bob Quinn
Color Artist: Erick Arciniega
Letter: VC’s Ariana Maher

A celebrity in two realities makes an appearance to open the issue. Joshua Englehard, the 616 Jersey Devil, seems to have changed area codes, deciding to spend time in Otherworld. He is probably wishing for the streets of Hoboken as Merlyn’s Furies set fires to the village of Jawdaw’s West. A magenta glove and the famiilar luminous wings from artist Erick Arciniega offer readers and Joshua the first hint that all hope isn’t lost for witchbreed in Otherworld.

Knights of X # 1 Int

Though he thinks is rescuer is a fellow Krakoan, the Captain who rescues Jack ends up not being the 616 version. This original series trope allows Tini Howard to continue to elevate Knights of X/Excalibur’s status in the X-Men mythos. I recall when Excalibur was the Jan Brady of the family. Remember Issue # 41 with the long-awaited X-Men cameo. But now since the franchise already has one foot in the multiverse, the current hot commodity in comics, Betsy’s team is leading the way. Now if she could only get her team back so she can lead them.

Bob Quinn, together with Arciniega, gives readers an issue with an emphasis on the fantasy fable element. The split image of Betsy’s soldiers opening the book, unaware that Merlyn and his minions are spying in, is like the beginning of something legendary. I do feel bad that Quinn has to draw a stuck in her ways, entitled, self centered blonde..and it isn’t the current front-runner Emma Frost. For what it is worth Saturnye never looks completely like Emma during her panels so much credit is due. Still I can’t help remember the 90’s when “Courtney” was the main manipulative queen in the X-Men franchise..I mean if you read Excalibur anyway.

Butterfly in the Sky…

Betsy meets with Roma who delivers a sliver of hope for both Krakoa and Otherworld in the form of a “Quest”. I’m curious if the tome Roma uses to anchor her magicks is new or borrowed from a recent resurrection. Regardless of the origin of the book, it gives Captain Britain the soldiers she needs. Although, I’m more concerned with what might be the cost for each.

It seems recently every X-Men book has gone through some membership shuffles. Excalibur’s new recruit is an old friend. Quinn did some homework here too, offering Kylun a youthful appearance to remind users of his age. I can only hope Howard has some powerful moments planned since right now he is just the “witchbreed who toys with sound”. His name is Kylun the Warrior not Snarf.

Speaking of upgrades, just when Jubes seems ready to shine she gets sidelined. Her young ward however seems to be have a place in the pages of the story. And since Roma’s words suggest a reason for each member’s involvement I wonder if this connects to Shogo’s backstory. Gloriana is there to keep an eye on his safety. She’s quick to leave her own family behind, hinting to her personal interest in this quest. Meanwhile, Gambit and Bei seem poised to move beyond their spouses shadow. As for Rictor, he feels a bit lost without {[A]} even with Shatterstar there who probably wishes this was a tournament and not a quest. The final member, another dual universe character, arrives later in the issue. With this introduction it feels as if the X-Men are adding yet another means to an end, but who’s?

The Braddock name is synonymous with the title Champion of Otherworld. The X-Men have a home on Krakoa. Betsy’s dual citizenship is finally bringing mutants and magick together. I personally am excited this portion of the franchise is finding its place spot in limelight. But first they must make it through the Knights of X.

Score: 9.5


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