GOG Connect- Convert Steam Library to DRM Free

Jun 2, 2016

I personally love Steam and have had little problems with them as a digital distributor. GOG is probably my runner up as digital distributor as they offer all of their games DRM-Free, meaning once you buy it can do what you please with it. Recently, GOG launched GOG Connect, an initiative that lets you sync your Steam account with GOG and “unlock”  select title for your GOG library. It’s a pretty cool feature. The supported library is fairly small, about twenty at the moment, so don’t expect to transfer your  300 Steam titles to GOG just yet. However, it is a nice program if you want to have backups of some of your games, in case Steam shutters or goes offline for whatever reason.


This is now DRM-Free for me

I did it today and converted; FTL, Surgeon Simulator, Shadow Run Returns, and Braid which I didn’t even know I had. What a deal! There is however a window of opportunity to bring over your library, so time is of the essence for those interested. It’s a small start that will hopefully expand in the future, but a great example of why GOG is an exciting up and comer in the digital distributor space.