Grim #1 Review: Boom Studios Review

May 9, 2022

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Any comic that uses my favorite Blue Oyster Cult song as not only the title, but as the opening words, is automatically a favorite in my mind. And the main grim reaper shares my name? Double points there.

BOOM! Studios
Written by: Stephanie Phillips
Illustrated by: Flaviano
Coloring by: Rico Renzi
Lettering by: Tom Napolitano

I love the comic studios that exude a more independent feel, and I always get that aura from BOOM! Studios. Every title feels new, and different. This one is of no exception. The title, Grim, automatically drew me in — I mean, I’m a horror nut, so this attraction is pretty obvious. However, what really draws me in to a comic, is the art style, and BOOM! Studios never fails to churn out some pretty unique art-styles.

The coloring in Grim Chapter One is gorgeous. Every scene feels fresh, and exudes the feeling that colorist really wanted to give it their all. From the painterly opening scene, to the blood red River Styx, to the cold, sterile feel of a corporate waiting room, the coloring breathed life into the story.

The Grim Story Itself

The story itself opens up a new world into what Grim Reapers really are. No longer are they skeletons in black cloaks, but beings from different time periods, imbued with this new power of helping the dead cross over. Our protagonist is Jessica Harrow, one of the many, very human, Grim Reapers in this universe. Blind to her own death, she takes this job as any other job. Frankly, I can see her fitting in to any corporate or retail setting… minus the death, and scythe carrying. While young in appearance, her attitude parallels that of a person who has been in the same, boring job, for one too many years. I suppose grim can work for not only what she is, but how she is, too.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to the next issues of this story. It’s been a while since I felt drawn to a comic series, and this one has me intrigued.

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