Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #2 (Review)

Jan 6, 2022


Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #2

Dio’s adventure continues and the intrigue deepens in this exciting installment from Jim Mahfood’s universe. Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #2 finds our Grrl Dio as grief-stricken as ever, but surprise after surprise awaits her and Turtleneck Jones’ backup protector thing. Yes, I called him a protector thing. This cyborg redefines the idea of The Man With No Name after Turtleneck Jones may be down for the count from the end of Issue 1.

By: Image Comics

Writing and Art by: Jim Mahfood


At the same time, we find out about several more key players in this world full of rich depictions but not painful levels of detail. But more on the contributions of the art later. The plot of this story thickens in ways I could not have imagined while waiting for this issue to arrive, and I refuse to spoil the array of mysteries that are both resolved and grow deeper here. Suffice it to say, I would not have predicted much of what happens in this issue. And by “not much,” I mean none. But, I am still all in and wanting more.

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If that were not enough, we also find out what had Dio so upset and feeling nihilistic in the first place, and much more about her role in the current story arc. In addition to a flashback with fun visual treats that make it look like it was scribbled on a notepad, we also get a fun bonus story about Macho Tailfin. It is a funny yarn in a way that’s very different from the main Stone Ghost story while allowing Mahfood to show more of his incredible range as an auteur.

It is worth reminding readers that even if the story were somehow removed and we just got a look at Jim Mahfood’s art, there would be plenty here to be fascinated with. Whether or not his style is for you, I can tell you that I am loving it. Between his dramatic contrasts in color palettes and irreverent depictions, he somehow manages to produce hand-lettered, multi-media elements that look both dashed off and completely deliberate in their barely-contained energy.

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From the moment I first got a good look at his work, I felt like I was seeing some completely engaging fusion of punk and funk music rendered visually. These images may be still on paper, but their kinetic energy is undeniable, as is the power of his custom letters, his attention to some details in some panels, and attention to minimalism in others. It is truly hard to find mere words to do it justice. Get your eyes on this engaging collection of artistic elements. Take it in with all your senses. See if it is for you, too! Follow the links to his music and podcasts if you’re as curious as I am. And while you’re here, get involved in this story full of characters with nefarious intentions that is somehow hilarious at the same time. Support your Grrl Scouts, whether they are local or from another Sector. Let the wild ruckus continue!


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