Sep 29, 2021




“The weapon you need, where you need it, when you need it-she`ll get it”. A fetching slogan for the main protagonist Joanna Tan AKA Gun Honey the new graphic novel from TITAN Comics. When a gun smuggled into a prison leads to the escape of a dangerous criminal, Joanna Tan is recruited by the government to right her wrong.


Written by: Charles Ardai
Art by: Ang Hor Kheng
Colors by: Asifur Rahman
Letters by: David leach

Issue 1: the story

We meet the lovely miss Tan on the beach. This is a nice warm introduction to the world of Gun Honey. Miss Tan is asked to join a private party on a yacht which she agrees to as it seems she does not have much of a choice. But, this is where her particular skill set comes into play. Spoiler she has a disassembled gun in her bikini. Yes, brilliant since her client is on that boat as well as the target. From there it is back to home for Miss Tan. She gets picked up by the government and from here the story starts. We get to see some back story and where she is from and what she had to go through. This was a nice little introduction to Joanna Tan AKA Gun Honey.

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The Art

Art is something that can make or break a comic/graphic novel. If the artist does not understand the writer’s intent and vision, it can easily take away from a brilliant story. Thankfully the art here works tremendously well. It feels original and classic at the same time bringing with it a level of authenticity that you rarely see. From the sexy swimsuit scenes to the flashback scenes everything seems to work perfectly.

Final Verdict

The characters are intriguing and well thought out. The settings feel spot on and Joanna is an amazing femme fatale.  This is the first issue of what might very well become the next best thing in crime comics. Racey and action packed superb story with stunning visuals.



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