Dec 20, 2021

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Gun Honey #4 brings the first epic adventure of Joanna Tan to a conclusion. With that being said you may wonder if the last issue of the series live up to the hype? I’ll leave you be the judge of that. With Joanna`s brother back in the picture and a hot new lead the final act begins.


Written by: Charles Ardai
Art by: Ang Hor Kheng
Colors by: Asifur Rahman
Letters by: David leach

The Final Chapter

After Gun Honey # 3’s discovery that Joanna’s brother survived the bombing on her childhood home, the story changed. The mission to recapture the escaped convict just became a mission to right the wrongs of the past and to find the killers of Joanna`s and Jacks’ family. Thus, this be a story of vengeance. Joanna does not need much convincing to follow her brother to discover the actual villain of the story. Agent Burrows also falls in line with little argument. Jack tells Joanna that he has tracked down the killer to a certain entertainment island for men. It just so happens that the assailants that they gun down are from said island. And the island is conveniently close by.

Long story short, Joanna and Agent Burrow infiltrate the island, Joanna does what she does best and gets the information on who killed her father and brothers. Let`s say this is somewhat surprising and somewhat something you might expect, depending on how deeply involved you were in the story. Joanna does get her well-deserved revenge in the end.

The Art throughout the series.

They never missed a beat. Throughout the run, the art was on point. From capturing the atmosphere to the facial expressions and everything in between, this was exceptional work. You truly got a sense that the artist was deeply passionate about this project and leaving pieces of their heart and soul in each panel.

Final thoughts.

As Gun Honey ended with the latest issue, I feel that they could have pushed a 6 issue run. At least for the first series as it served as the introduction to the captivating world of Gun Honey and the lovely Miss Tan. Maybe showed off her skills in one or two more missions before closing shop. Gun Honey was a good read, no make that a tremendous read. For all fans of hard-hitting action and strong female leads Gun Honey is a standout and a superb series. Gun Honey was a High Octane thrill ride from start to finish

Score: 8


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