GWW Netflix Crew – Jessica Jones Ep 1: AKA Ladies Night (Spoilercast)

Nov 29, 2015

Sarah, Jon and Everett come together and go through their favorite Netflix shows episode by episode, breaking them down and talking in depth about what they liked and what they didn’t like. When they aren’t giggling they actually have some great points and thoughts to share!

This time the crew are covering Marvel’s Jessica Jones which was released November 20th. This episode we’ll cover episode one titled “AKA Ladies Night”. We’ll introduce who Jessica is and who she was in the comics. We’ll talk Luke Cage, Killgrave, Patsy Walker and Hogarth. This is a fun episode so give it a listen! Let us know what you think by rating and reviewing on iTunes! Thanks for listening!

Warning: Show includes SPOILERS for Jessica Jones!

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