GWW Writers Give Their E3 2015 Predicitions!

Jun 12, 2015


Editors note: We love E3. Like, we really love it. Lately, it’s all we’ve been talking about amongst the GWW writers. Some of us have high hopes, while others are maintaining realistic expectations for this E3. For instance, I’ve been trying to convince GWW Vice President Andrew Barton that Metroid for Wii U is definitely happening, but he’s not having any of it. These kinds of discussions go on and on. So instead of keeping it locked behind closed doors, we’re giving you a look at our predictions.

Let us know your predictions, as well! We at GWW have always valued the ideas of our readers and viewers, and we hope to hear them all! Well, here you…




  • Nintendo will reveal a new Retro Studios-developed Metroid for Wii U in either 1st or 3rd person and a second game for 3DS as a traditional 2D title with added 3D depth. We haven’t had a new Metroid in nearly 5 years and Retro has been done with the last Donkey Kong since early 2014, so it seems reasonable to assume that at least the Wii U title is coming. - Nathan Dugas
  • Nintendo will finally reveal what their new mystery hardware, the “NX”, actually is.  Contrary to doom-sayer’s beliefs, it won’t be a successor to the Wii U.  Instead, it will be a Nintendo-produced tablet for playing the new mobile games Nintendo is developing.  Knowing Nintendo, it will probably be able to connect to the Wii U and/or will be NFC-enabled for amiibo support. - James Panto
  • Nintendo will reveal a new Animal Crossing game for Wii U, set to release in Q1 of 2016. There will be connectivity between it and the Happy Home Designer game coming to 3DS along with the previous Animal Crossing card amiibo having functionality in-game. - Nathan Dugas

Sony goes E3 symbolsSONY

  • Show off more of Uncharted 4 seeing as it was pushed back to 2016 - Victoria Scerri
  • Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster, which will be the International version and it will come to PS3, Vita, and PS4 (no cross-buy or cross-save). This is because they’ve had a lot of success with HD remasters lately and if they release it in 2016, it will be the 10th anniversary for the original game. - Nathan Dugas
  • Maybe talk of a new God of War with the HD remake of 3 being right around the corner - Victoria Scerri
  • There WILL be a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain on the show floor. The game will be out in a few months and there will be LOADS of information and gameplay. Get Hyped!
  • Colored Vitas are finally coming to North America! (this might be more of what I want than what it probably going to happen) - Victoria Scerri

Xbox one e3ziesMICROSOFT

  • Microsoft will officially reveal the remastered Gears of War Quadrilogy for Xbox One to release in 2015 and a new Gears of War title coming in 2016. It’s been a while since the last one came out and the remasters were already leaked, so it seems likely that we’ll see both. - Nathan Dugas
  • Obviously, we’re gonna see more on Halo 5. I really think that they’re going to show off a Halo 5 limited edition Xbox One console at this show case, though - Victoria Scerri
  • I expect we’ll probably see more of Black Ops 3. Call of Duty will continue to be a Xbox conference staple. - Victoria Scerri
  • I’d be surprised if we didn’t get more information on Xbox’s timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider - Victoria Scerri
  • Forza 6 gameplay. Need I say more? - Victoria Scerri
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  • Bungie will reveal the big DLC packs coming to Destiny this fall, both The Taken King (which refers to Oryx, the father of Crota) expansion and an expansion centered around the Cabal. The expansion(s) will both feature story missions, strikes, and a raid for each one. Bungie has told us previously that future DLC would have two raids (and we’ve never had a Cabal expansion), so it seems likely that this will be it.
  • Bungie will reveal a PC version of Destiny which will include the first two expansion packs as part of the $59.99 and have an optional special edition that includes the expansion pass for the next two expansions. - Nathan Dugas

Bethesda e3BETHESDA

  • Obviously we’re getting some Fallout 4 goodness
  • We’re going to finally hear about Dishonored 2
  • I’m expecting more info on Doom 4 - Victoria Scerri
  • There WILL be real-time gameplay of Fallout 4. With the recent release of the trailer, I can’t imagine there NOT being a stage demo of sorts during one or more of the press conferences. - Chris Dreiling


  • I think we’ll see some gameplay of Syndicate
  • We’re getting a new Rayman game. I think it’s about time. - Victoria Scerri
  • Ubisoft will, for another year, makes us all want to play the next Assassin’s Creed game despite being disappointed with the last AC game. - Jeff Gordon


  • There WILL NOT be any new Mass Effect information/gameplay. There just won’t. - Chris Dreiling
  • I’d be surprised if Star Wars: Battlefront wasn’t show for a large majority of the conference. This game comes out in several months, and we’ve seen nothing! - Jeff Gordon


  • There WILL NOT be any Final Fantasy XVF. That game is going to be a LATE 2016 release IMHO. No way! - Chris Dreiling
  • I have to disagree, Chris! I think we’ll be getting more gameplay and an idea of this game’s plot. - Jeff Gordon


My major prediction for E3 this year is that the third parties will run the show unless the big three pull out their secret weapons at just the last minute to the save the day. For me the big hitters will be Fallout 4 and the rumored Dark Souls 3, but we have some empty points in this years release schedule. I’m hoping we see the console publisher fill up those slots with some secret AAA projects they may have had in the works. - Leon Field


  • And lastly, there WILL NOT be any Half Life 3. Because Gabe Newell hates you! : ( - Chris Dreiling

Well that does it for our predictions. What about YOURS? Let us know your E3 predictions in the comments below!

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