Hayley Atwell visits Fan Expo Dallas and shares her thoughts on Sharon & Cap’s Kiss

Jun 6, 2016


Hayley Atwell attended Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo this weekend and treated the fans to a lovely Q&A. Topics from the abrupt cancellation of Agent Carter to her favorite acting role, to her thoughts on the Sharon Carter & Captain America kiss came up.


Hayley dropped a few hints as to what was planned for season 3, prior to the series cancellation,

“I think they wanted to end the season on a cliffhanger where we weren’t completely sure if Agent Thompson died or if he was just injured. And I think that was a decision the writers were going to make once they knew whether or not they were going to go into a third season.”

During the season finale, we see Chad Michael Murray’s character, Thompson, get shot my an unknown assassin. The assassin also takes a file with the name “M. Carter” on it. Although some speculated that the M stood for Peggy’s given name, Margaret, Hayley also cleared the air on that speculation,

“I was told that it doesn’t stand for Margaret Carter (For Peggy.) So that’s very exciting. And I was told who it does stand for and the whole Season 3 would have certainly been peppered with this identity of ‘M. Carter’ and it very much links to my past. So we would have seen more flashbacks to where she came from.”

What did you think when you first saw yourself [CGI] in the bed in Winter Soldier?

“The first time i saw it it was with my dad at that premiere. He just looked at me and said I looked just like my grandmother. We lost her a couple of years before so it was a very poignant moment. They actually asked for photographs of my elderly relatives so  were really trying to get a sense of what I could look like at that age.”

A few daring fans, also asked Hayley her thoughts on how Peggy would feel after learning that Sharon kissed Cap.

Hayley responded with,

“Well, first of all she’d be turning over in her grave. She’d be like “no.” And she’d inject herself with the blue serum and become a super villain. She’d break out of her coffin and ground [Sharon]. She’d ground her. Then she’d kick Steve’s ass.”

I just feel that, you know - I wouldn’t want to date my great aunt’s guy. It just feels like it crosses an incestuous boundary. And Peggy just died. That’s even more disrespectful, right? It’s like, “don’t touch that.” You can’t tap that!”

I also kind of would be slightly protective over Sharon, as my relative. Obviously She’d want the best for her and she’d want her dating a good guy and now with this whole ‘Hail Hydra’ business, I don’t know if Steve’s good enough for her.

In all levels it’s just a big fat NO.”


Before the end of the Panel, Hayley did mention that she would love to see Agent Carter continue on Netflix.

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