Jul 4, 2022


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Strange Academy 18 Feat Image

For some parts of the world, the month of July is synonymous with summer; more importantly for students, it means summer vacation. Summer offers students a break from the rules and even a chance to grow beyond the walls of academia . The students, and even the faculty of Strange Academy reach the end of the school year cramming for the final. Get set for a last day of school that will leave readers waiting to find out if school is out for summer or forever.

Strange Academy # 18

Marvel Comics

Writer:: Skottie Young
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Color Artist: Edgar Delgado
Letter: VC’s Clayton Cowles

This issue opens with Zelma, Voodoo and the other faculty members of the academy in a meeting. While some students remain and are attending classes, you can sense they are dealing with the fallout from those students who left . The dialogue Skottie Young gives Zelma highlights two major concerns of the students who left the academy. Later in the issue when the staff locate the truant teens, Zelma offers them a chance to air their concerns. Unfortunately, her attempt to connect with the student body is rejected by Emily. Which highlights a third concern; one that should be the focus if the school is to have a future.

Ditch Day

I found the location Emily and the others chose for their skip session to be completely brazen and ridiculous but it shows the students are not above poking fun at what adults don’t notice. There are a ton of places to use as a hideout in the Marvel Universe. The students of Strange Academy snag The Sanctum Sanctorum. German even impersonates the good doctor to pay for pizza. Either the guy doesn’t know Strange died or thinks Stephen is already back. But the students remaining undetected in the Sanctum for any period of time makes me wonder which group has more to learn. The staff or the students.

Humberto Ramos constructs a suitable clubhouse for the students. It seems like they did a bit of redecorating as well. Edgar Delgado’s colorful, nature-like environment seems to have taken over portions of the Sanctorum; seems like each Strange Academy student had a say in this at least. Which is the main reason for their walkout in the first place. I also enjoy how a few panels showcase how large the student body is at Strange Academy. School is a time when you can get lost in the crowd so it was good to see some of the others along with the main class.

Doyle’s discovery though appearing crucial proves a bit late and ultimately already evident. Everything this issue comes back to Emily. Doyle looking out for her led to her being crowned as student body president. Bessy, Zoe and the other students look up to her. And finally Zelma and a group of Mindless Ones are looking for her.

I have enjoyed the freshmen 15 (okay it was 18) of Strange Academy; I do wonder what the sophomore hijinks will bring. If anything I can hope for a Clea and Doyle meetup. And possibly by then Voodoo will discover what to do with the school. Given Gaslamp’s comments last issue and Emily’s actions in this issue, Strange Academy # 18 doesn’t appear to be preparing the students for the future, or at least a bright one.

Especially with what they are about to do this summer.

Score: 8.5