Henry Cavill Reportedly Exits The Superman Role As Studio Looks Towards ‘Supergirl’ Instead

Sep 12, 2018


It’s starting to look like Warner Bros. is indeed restructuring the DCU post-Zack Snyder. The latest actor reportedly leaving is now Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill according to THR.

Adding that they’ll be now seemingly focusing on period film focusing Supergirl suggesting the character will be a teen.

That’s because the studio has shifted its focus to a Supergirl movie, which will be an origin story featuring a teen superheroine. 

Our hunch from months ago that the studio would attempt to have Henry cameo as Superman in Shazam! was affirmed as well. But due to talks breaking down and scheduling conflicts that won’t be happening.

There had been multiple reports suggesting that Ben Affleck wouldn’t be reprising the Batman role either, as Matt Reeves seeks a younger actor to play Bruce Wayne in his upcoming solo feature.

Supergirl will likely now move on to seek a director as we previously mentioned they were interested in Reed Morano, adding her to potential wish-list of candidates recently.

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When Supergirl is expected to go into production and be released has yet to be revealed.


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