“Hey You Guys!” Level Up’s “Quest” theme may have you doing the Truffle Shuffle

Jun 6, 2016


**The “Quest” Level Up showed up much later that normal. This is technically April’s Level Up, but I’m not complaining because it contained an item I grew up watching as a kid, The Goonies. This month’s LVL UP also contains items from The Princess Bride, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts and Star Trek.


Quest items included:

  • The Princess Bride 3/4-Sleeved shirt
  • The Goonies Shirt
  • Kingdom Hearts Socks
  • Legend of Zelda Socks
  • Star Trek leggings

The Princess Bride shirt features Fezzik, Inigo Montoya and Vizzini all standing in a line up. I love these 3/4ths shirts. They are super comfortable and I love this style. I’m so glad to see The Princess Bridge represented as well, this film is a classic. “Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

The Goonies is another classic film. This film had it all, adventure, comedy, and the Truffle Shuffle. The shirt features silhouette of the main characters from the film as well as the map from the film.

The Kingdom Hearts socks features emblems of the Heartless, Nobody, Crown, and Keyhole.

“It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.” The Legend of Zelda socks feature the classic 8-bit Link.

And finally the Star Trek leggings are one of the coolest pair of leggings I have ever own. From top to bottom, this pair of leggings has stars and space printed all over it. with an outline of the USS Enterprise printed throughout. These are so awesome, super comfy and are just fun to stare at. Also, I know I wasn’t the only one that thought of that “Space Pants” SNL skit with Peter Dinklage.

This “Quest” Level Up had an impressive variety of items, I love everything included. I really hope they include more leggings in future #LvlUp’s because that would just make my entire month.


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