Highlights from the Son’s of Anarchy Saturday Panel at Space City Comic Con

May 31, 2016


This panel was originally going to feature several members of Sons of Anarchy. Due to some circumstances I will not get into, but you could probably Google, there were several members missing from Saturday’s panel.

The Panel centered around Christopher Douglas Reed, Kenny Johnson, Timothy Murphy and Ron Perlman.

Perlman began the panel discussing the impact Sons of Anarchy has had on his life.

img_6415_26711034084_o“I’ve been an actor for almost 50 years. most of the stuff you do in our business is mediocre to cold to how its received so when you finally find somehing people respond to. Not only response to but in a incredibly dynamic and generous way, its unique. It becomes a high water mark in your life. You get a taste from the fruits of what you have been dreaming of your whole life. ”

One of the audience members asked a question that has been on all of our minds, “Is there going to be a new Hellboy?”

Perlman responded with, “There is absolutely no reason to believe there is going to be a new Hellboy. Sorry, I have been the one that has been stirring shit all these years. You might as well hear it from me. I guess it’s time to turn our attention to Cable.”

In case you missed it, Perlman has previously been on record campaigning to portray Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Artists like BossLogic have even created artwork depicting Perlman as the character.

Another audience member asked, “When will we see another season of Hand of God?”

Perlman stated, “We are right in the middle of shooting it as we speak. I think we are shooting for it to release sometime in September. Do you like it?”

He jokingly continued with, “Because I’m selling Amazon Prime memberships at my table.”

Christopher Reed shared a brief story on how the producers of Sons didn’t even want him to jump on a motorcycle after several other cast members have taken a few spills in the cast, specifically Ron Perlman.

One of the best moments of the panel was when the mother of fallen Navy Seal Danny Dietz, Cindy Dietz Marsh. Danny was portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the film, Lone Survivor.

“I am so honored to be here, among your presence. Your show has been my all-time favorite. I just wanted you to know that.” She then turned to the crowd, “I just wanted to leave you with this, With the rest of the weekend and Monday (Memorial Day) coming up, Just remember our veterans that gave their all for you to be here today.”

She rightfully received a standing ovation from the crowd and the actors.


Cindy even approached Perlman and gave him a Challenge coin which was made by one of Danny’s teammates. It has his picture in the front and the trident on the back. It was definitely an emotional moment and I just wanted to say Bless her heart and I, for one, am grateful for her son’s and the rest of the armed forces services.

“One of the things I think the government does well is that  they supply every movie and television show that is ever made to our boys sitting around waiting for the next lonely assignment in a dark lonely place. They watch it all. That’s how they get through the day and they have had a really positive reaction to Sons [of Anarchy] and it was brought to our attention and it started this wonderful exchange where they would come hang out in the clubhouse and I feel like what we are doing… we are just a bunch of sing and dance men. Those guys are doing the real work. It was great to be in their presence. Happy Memorial Day to them.”

Despite the rocky start, the panel itself felt like one big hangout session where fans were able to joke and even share emotional stories with the cast members. It truly amazing to hear how much this television series impacted so many lives.