Hot Toys MMS 430 Gladiator Hulk Review

Aug 23, 2018


“The champion! The Defending! I give you, your Incredible…”

One of the highlights of 2017’s Thor Ragnarok was the Grandmaster’s Arena scene. Trailer spoilers aside, when the Hulk exploded from his entrance decked out in his gladiator gear and ready to kick ass, we were all ready for a good time. Does this new release from Hot Toys provide a similar experience? You be the judge!


“You’re just using me to get to the Hulk. That’s low. You’re not my friend.”

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Hulk is huge! The shipping box is about 24” tall and weighs 12 lbs! The figure stands at just under 18”. 


“No Banner, only Hulk!”

Contrary to the quote, Hulk does come with some extras. The figure includes 2 fists, 2 holding hands (for the axe and hammer), 2 hands with flexible fingers, helmet, and an additional portrait. I am always appreciative of a second head sculpt, even if it is a repaint of the Age of Ultron version.


“…Hulk like real fire. Like… raging fire.”

As a large figure painted in a dominant green skin tone with huge accessories, the first thought most would have is that there would be a lack of detailing. That could not be further from the truth. There are a lot of details on this figure and a great deal of them are in areas that arguably do not need it. The skin is translucent revealing veins, there are hair details and great wear details on the armor and weapons. The war paint details are delicate and almost disappear under certain light. The definition of the types of material represented makes it seem realistic. However, I think I would have preferred something besides rubbery plastic, maybe actual leather or a substitute.

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The armor is not removable, but in most places, it is separate pieces, which allows for a more realistic look.

I do appreciate that his elbow joints are seamless. In addition, there were also efforts to hide as much of the knee and shoulder joints as possible.


“Everything’s going to be okay. I got this. You want to know who I am?”

Hulk has a surprising amount of articulation for his size. Most of his joints have strong ratchets that hold the pose in place. The elbows can bend to almost 90 degrees. The shoulders have a butterfly joint and can rotate 360 degrees. The left arm requires the removal of the shoulder pauldron, which is made simple with Hot Toys use of magnets. The arms can swing out almost 90 degrees. The hands can rotate at the wrists but have trouble swinging in or out due to the molded armor.

The head is on a ball joint allowing full range of motion, however, there are pose restrictions when wearing the helmet. The legs can only swing forward and back about 30 degrees due to the materials used for the skirt. The eyes on both head sculpts are equipped with SERS or Single Eye Rotating System. The feet are connected with ball joints as well, and can move in a variety of ways.

Final Thoughts

 “I have to get off this planet!”

This is a really fun figure, but not without issues. The size of the figure negates most display options, as well as creates issues where to store the box. The helmet has tiny fragile tabs with which you have to be extremely careful (I actually broke one of mine).

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The last issues are subjective. Hot Toys are not cheap in the first place and Hulk is more expensive than most clocking in at a staggering $355 at retail! I was able to use some Sideshow rewards to offset some of this cost, and I used payment plans.

The other issue I see is with this figure is that it has a specialty design. It is extremely targeted to people who like Hulk, who liked this particular scene, AND have the space for him. Sadly, I can’t recommend this figure to everyone. That being stated, if you DO like Hulk, the Arena scene, and have the space this is definitely a figure you don’t want to miss!

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