House of Whispers Review #1

Sep 12, 2018

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House of Whispers #1
Vertigo Comics

Written by: Nalo Hopkinson
Art by: Dominike “Domo”  Stanton 

Going into this comic I didn’t know much about Sandman but when I read what it was about I was completely intrigued by the Vodoo aspect and had to read it! That being said I read it and was a little confused but overall it was a good read and the art was fantastic! I loved the way they had Mistress Erzulie Freda Dahomey in a mermaid tail and I must admit that I’m pretty jealous!!

Anyway, we arrive at Mistress Erzulie’s houseboat where a party is in full swing with music, good food, and some interesting guests. This party is where the souls of vodoo followers go when they sleep to ask the Mistress for their hearts’ desires.

Mistress Eruzile has a magic mirror that she uses to see into the mortal realm. It seems on this night that the four mortal girls are jamming her signal. They are reading from a mysterious journal filled with rumors and whispers, that if spread, could cause an unknown amount of destruction that no world has ever seen. This could also release Sopona, the lord of infectious disease which also happens to be Erzulie’s cousin. Talk about trouble in the family! She ends up seeing him trying to connect with the girls and when she tries to bring him back and ends up bringing her realm into another world!

I have to say after reading this comic about three times I’m excited for the next one and to see what happened to our fearless Mistress. The art is more than enough for any fan to pick up this title. At least just to check it out. If you’re a fan of the Sandman Universe that’s being built so far, I recommend it. I am immersing myself in the others.

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