How Did Broadband Internet Change Gaming?

Aug 6, 2010

How did broadband Internet change gaming? Simply put, it connected gamers and developers in a way that no other art form had ever connected before. Instant access to data and an instant way to publish your opinions. This has allowed us (gamers) to direct developers towards creating the games we like to play. Sure, not all have caught on to this, but it’s growing quickly.

Think back to the early ’90’s. Throughout that decade we were being taught what to like because developers were creating games based on their own imaginations with only sales figures as their asset to determine what is liked and disliked. Fast forward to today. Yes, sales figures still matter, but developers and publishers have a huge advantage in that they can access a repository of user input via forums (such as Geeks With Wives). Now is the time to take  advantage and let your voice be heard. Take Zelda for example. Many of us enjoyed Wind Waker, but we wanted Link to grow up with us. So we begged and demanded a change throughout the web. And that led to Twilight Princess. Think of the doors that are open. Do you hate missions where you have to protect some helpless civilian? Or games that are impossible to Platinum?

How can you join the fight and make your voice heard? Join the cause on the GWW forums (insert link here).