How To Get Away With Murder 2×13 Something Bad Happened

Mar 8, 2016

*Warning: SPOILERS to Follow*

This week we see that Phillip has sent out videos of Annalise and Michaela, both within the last twenty-four hours, indicating that he is watching them. Understandably the students got freaked out. Annalise takes the laptop to District Attorney Denver and poses a deal asking him for immunity if he happens to IMG_0420‘misunderstand’ what he sees on the videos. The DA decides to go behind Annalise’s back and try to get a search warrant on her house. Finding this out, Annalise’s team tricks the DA and the police into thinking they have the warrant signed by the judge, and due to the fact that they executed the ‘unsigned’ warrant, now everything in her house can be thrown out in a trial. Annalise is brilliant and the team pulled together very well to make the warrant go away. The students understand the way Annalise works and it’s nice to see the flow in the office smooth out. This would probably never happen in real life – and is highly illegal – but it was clever for sure. The immunity deal is made, but with only what has already been provided, “he may have other videos, that of which will not be protected by your immunity”. I believe that loop-hole will come back to bite the Keating Office later on. If I were Phillip, I defiantly would keep the best evidence to myself until the end.

The Keating Five are all handling the events differently. Connor has applied to Stanford; which came out at the slumber party. Laurel has experience dealing with these types of things due to her father, but IMG_0448we see it’s taking its toll on her when she breaks up with Frank. Wes is pushing everyone away. The slumber party was really cute – I love that Asher was so excited and into being the ‘safe-o-casa’ for everyone. It gave him something to focus on other than all the troubles that he has encountered lately. But what about Michaela? We found out that she was one of the first students to be singled out and caught on camera by Phillip. The only thing we see her do is ask Connor not to go to Stanford and leave her completely alone. As much as they banter, I believe she and Connor are better friends than we all think. Although, she doesn’t show much emotion other than that. I hope we get to see more of the effects of the recent events on her.

While the students are having a slumber party we see that Frank and Bonnie also are having their own party. Doing shots at the bar, they talk about how their lives wereimage better before the students came along. “We weren’t covered in blood, at least.” This is very true. Everything Bonnie and Frank have done, was for Annalise and the students. Their loyalty to Annalise is unwavering and I want to know more about why. Did Annalise treat them as her own children when they were students working for her? With Bonnie and Frank rekindling their partnership and their love relationships fizzling out, I think we are going to see more of them together. They don’t have anyone else to talk to about the bad things, so I think they will lean on each other for support; probably a little more than they should.

Laurel is still not taking the news that Frank killed Lila well at all. ‘Flaruel’ is falling apart and it makes me sad as a viewer. Frank needs to somehow make Laurel understand why he did it and to in some way atone for his sins. It broke my heart when Frank told her he loves her and she denied him, but I do understand Laruel’s position. She is such a strong woman, and for her to put her foot down and not accept this terrible act that Frank did, made me happy for all women who were watching. She is setting a good example for women who are in relationships with bad men. I do hope they are able to somehow spin it so they get back together but I’m not sure if they can come back from this.

Annalise employed Eve to gain the upper hand in her Mahoney murder case with leverage against imageRose; her key witness. We don’t know if Eve is impersonating or just steps in as the actual case worker for ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement). Seriously, how many law degrees or experience does Eve have, to be able to just step in whenever Annalise needs her? I asked for more insight into the scandalous ‘Anna-Eve’ relationship and they gave it to us! During their meetings we found out that Annalise went to Sam for therapy because of her relationship with Eve, and that’s when she left Eve and for Sam. Eve is still upset about Annalise leaving her, and as we have see in previous episodes, their affair still has fire. In this episode though, they can’t do anything sexual because of Annalise’s current pregnancy.

Annalise tells Eve that she doesn’t feel ready for a child, but she wants one eventually. There are hints throughout the season that she views the Keating Five as her own children and will do anything to protect them. In episode ten ‘What Happened to you Annalise’ we see her hallucinating about having a baby. I believe that with all the miscarriages that she has had, before that possibly ‘something bad happened’ to her resulting in the loss of her child. I believe that there are only two options; adoption or death, and death being the more likely of the two. Now the question is: How did Annalise’s son die?

Wes believes that he killed his mom after remembering himself standing with the knife over his moms body, and if that didn’t happen then he believes that someone had imageher killed because she refused to testify in the Mahoney trial. After finding the police report, Laurel also thinks that Wes killed his mother, and Annalise is hiding it from him. Annalise is looking out for herself and keeping the truth from Wes. We finally see what really happened; she did commit suicide, and Annalise let her die. I find it interesting that Annalise doesn’t want to talk with Wes until Laurel says that it is on her head if Wes hurt’s himself or says too much to the wrong person. If Annalise came out and told Wes up front, I believe that Wes would have done all the investigating anyways to make sure it was the truth due to all the lies Annalise has already told. I think that her waiting to confront him is a smart idea, but she is a little too late. Wes, while searching for answers, I believe this is all becoming too much for him to handle. He is loosing himself in this search for the truth. Once the truth comes out, I believe it will destroy him and he will possibly be the one who takes down the office.

I felt the music choices were great and added a lot to the episode. At the end of the episode they play Circles Out of Salt by Snow Ghosts and it added to the suspenseful moment. It was a bit blurry at the end, but from what I could make out, I definitely think that it was Phillip who attacked Annalise. We were left with a steep cliffhanger! So, we all need regroup this week and find out what happened to Annalise.

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