How to Mint your reserved Blox

May 20, 2022

Metablox NFT save memories to the blockchain


Everyday we create memories that are attached to places, but how will future generations know what happened to us? 

Metablox is saving our most important memories on the blockchain, and you can own the real world places the memories happened.

How to Mint your reserved Blox

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By: Jun Loayza

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Neighbors, we’re very excited. We are still on track to launch the Mint on Monday, May 23rd .

Please review our previous Minting tutorials:

How to bridge ETH to MATIC Public Minting tutorials In this tutorial, I will show you how to Mint your reserved Blox. You can Mint your reserved Blox with fiat or MATIC.

Remember to set the Gas fee to High When Minting with MATIC, make sure to change the suggested gas fee to High.

Remember to wait I know, it sucks to wait, but Minting can take several minutes due to Polygon Mainnet congestion.

If after 10 minutes your Blox are not Minted, please reach out to us on Discord so that we can help you.

We are ready to Mint. We will spend the next few days polishing the UX and doing all of our final tests in full production.

Let’s do this!

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