A Humble Bundle Comes To Nintendo

We love Humble Bundle. It’s about more than buying PC games on the cheap or getting some inexpensive mobile games. We love it because it provides us the opportunity to give back to worthy causes, while supporting smaller game developers.

Starting this week, we saw Humble Bundle expand its service to include console games, with the first consoles being Nintendo Wii U and 3DS and a host of fantastic indie titles for those platforms.

Nindie Bundle page

For $1 you can get Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the Wii U and Woah Dave! and Mighty Switch Force! for the 3DS.

If you pay more than the average amount (which is $9.25, right now) you can get The Fall (Wii U), OlliOlli (Wii U/3DS), and Episode 1 of Moon Chronicles (3DS).

Pay 75 cents more (that’s $10 total), and you’ll get all of those previously mentioned titles plus Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U) and SteamWorld Dig (Wii U/3DS).

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, you can expect there to be more titles that are revealed. And if you’ve already paid $10 or more, you’ll get those games too. Like we said, it’s a fantastic deal.

“We are trying to talk to everyone and we are definitely exploring all possibilities,” said John Graham, co-founder of Humble Bundle to Polygon. “I’m optimistic that our future will hold more console promotions.”

If you’re interested in getting these fantastic “Nindie” games, click right here.


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