I am Batman #1 (Review)

Sep 14, 2021

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I am batman

I Am Batman #1 Variant Cover

I Am Batman #1 is a strong opening for a character that writer John Ridley developed through the pages of Future State: The Next Batman. Jace Fox takes up the mantle of Batman, but makes Batman relevant for himself. This results in a grounded hero looking to fight for the overlooked and forgotten citizens of Gotham.

By: DC Comics

Written by: John Ridley
Art by: Olivier Coipel
Colors by: Alex Sinclair
Letters by: ALW’s Troy Peteri

Jace Fox’s journey started on the pages of I Am Batman #0 last month. Fox returned to Gotham to work under his father, Lucius Fox. He spent his time away from Gotham training both body and mind. He returns to a Gotham in need of a hero. The Magistrate polices the city. Masked vigilantes are outlawed. John Ridley slowly introduces readers to this new Batman. Consequently, I Am Batman #1 spends a few pages setting up the Batsuit and grounding it realistic equipment and armor. Jace Fox’s equips batons, instead of gadgets. He is a Batman that people can identify with and look to in need.

Story & Continuity

John Ridley wisely introduces Jace Fox’s crusade. While not a lot happens in the larger narrative, Ridley provides readers am understanding of who the character is and what he wants to be. Unfortunately, it is unclear when this story takes place. Fear State Alpha showed readers Jace preparing to put on a Batsuit. But in I Am Batman, Gotham has not seen Batman for years. This makes the timing of the book confusing for readers following other Bat family titles. Fortunately, John Ridley’s characterization is strong enough that it does not matter when the series takes place. His humanity is what is important.


Artist Olivier Coipel and colorist Alex Sinclair delivery a striking issue. Coipel’s characters are well defined. Emotions are displayed through facial features. The action and movement are fluid and maintain a sense of energy to this introductory issue. Sinclair’s colors emulate the glow of a urban environment at night. The hues capture the trapped and reflected light and mirror the trapped emotions of the citizens.

I Am Batman: The beginning

John Ridley’s I Am Batman #1 is a strong first issue. Coipel and Sinclair’s artwork propel Jace Fox and his version of Gotham. Readers that do not care or do not try to fit it into continuity will discover a satisfyingly new approach to this hero.

Score 7.75

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