I Can Sell You a Body (REVIEW)

I Can Sell You A Body

Written By: Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated By: George Kambadais
Colors By: George Kambadais
Lettering By: Ryan Ferrier


Now, with a name like that, it’s hard to ignore the possibilities that this comic could have. It’s certainly a good carnival barker technique. Just shout something out that is both interesting and off-putting at the same time. Intrigue commences.

I’ve watched my fair share of paranormal programming, and more than once, psychics have been brought in to help contact any entities that might be dwelling, well, wherever they are. So, here we are, a so-called ‘washed-up’ psychic. Denny specializes in helping people contact their deceased loved ones, and… has a debt to pay. Ever hear of a reverse exorcism? Me neither.

But here we are.

The art style is great! It’s a bit bright, which contrasts the horror I’m sure is to come in the later parts of this four-part story. It almost reminds me of the Archie comics in style and coloring, as it punctuates the silly bits and sarcasm from Denny. It works. You know I love delving into the art styles in the comics I review, and I’m a fan! It’s cooler that one guy did both the illustrations and the colors, so this guy was able to truly make it all in his style!

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No spoilers from me. Not anymore. Apologies to those who perhaps enjoyed me picking apart every part of the comic, but, where’s the fun in spoilers? Reading is all the fun!

There’s psychic abilities, the mob, dwindling funds, and a reverse exorcism. An interesting mash-up that is well executed in this comic.

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