Diablo 3 Season 18 or: How I Stopped Playing the Same Class + Tried Something New

Oct 16, 2019


When it comes to certain types of games, role-playing games, adventure games and the like, some players tend to go with the same class or archetype of character. We’ve all done it or we all know that one person that does it. I personally tend to go with cleric or priest classes with Adventure RPG whereas most first or third person shooters I choose a hunter or ranged combat. We tend to go with a class that, in my opinion, we seem like we can have the best way of surviving. We could stuck in a hole and we can’t escape. However, I’m here to tell you that you can escape!

If anyone is used to games where you have Seasons or certain limited-time events, you know that you tend to get special bonuses or set items when you do. On occasion I have attempted to do a season of Diablo 3. I have never gotten very far with any season either due to feeling like I’m going through a grind again or just losing interest quickly. This time around, in season 18, I’ve actually completed level 70 (and I believe this the first time with any Diablo 3 character) and I’m finally learning all the little extra bits of extended gameplay there is including the set dungeons and infernal Gates. One of the biggest things about each Season is the bonus items and this one gave us a Set after completing the first four Chapters of achievments. ​​​​​​

In a normal case I would have started with my default which would have been the Demon Hunter (and did briefly). I decided to try something different and get down with the Monk, getting into the thick of it instead of just standing back. It didn’t take much to get going and before I knew it my monk was up to Level 70 and starting up the Paragon levels. Not long into getting those I was able to complete Chapter 4 of the achievements and got the last pieces I needed for the Monk’s Seasonal Set, Inna’s Mantra. Once that sixth piece is put on…. OHHH MAN!!

Now, if you haven’t played with the Monk in D3, you’d discover that one of their abilities is to have a Mystic Ally. When you place the last of the pieces of armor, you get access to all 5 Allies at the same time (as the picture shows). Let’s just say this: When you’re on the lower Torment levels, you can pretty much walk through any Bounties and Rifts without hardly having to lift a finger. It made for some really fun times and very laughable moments right after gaining this clan of followers.

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If I can leave you all with something, it’s this: Try something different. Use a different class. Try a different type of game. Do something to shake your foundation and you might be surprised at what you discover!

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