Image Comics review: Bolero #1

Jan 17, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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There is some great stuff coming out of the indie scene at the moment, but every so often there are series in particular that catch my eye. Series that I just have to check out. With it’s intriguing solicit and vibrant cover, Bolero is the next in that long line of series.

Written by: Wyatt Kennedy
Art AND Colors by: Luana Vecchio
Letters by: Brandon Graham

As the solicit says, the story follows “a woman running away from a broken heart [that] discovers a mother-key into parallel universes.”

From that sentence alone, you already had me. But the issue takes the time to explore that broken heart, setting up the emotional stakes before the multiverse madness even begins.

When you see a $5.99 price tag, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The issue is oversized, but at no point does it feel like it’s dragging on. The pacing between the romance, the break up, the aftermath and story set up all feels so natural and flows so well.

I love a good sci-fi story. The parallel universes, teased towards the end of the issue, was what first caught my eye. That could be the base for a good story alone. But instigated by heartbreak, plus with some queer representation?! With all those elements I love working together, this series is an incredibly strong start to this year in comic books.

That’s not even mentioning the art, which is just gorgeous. Between the smooth style and vibrant coloring, it gives me a Caspar Wijngaard vibe. Home Sick Pilots is one of my favorite series at the moment, so I adore that. Especially with such enchanting, almost whimsical feeling lettering that it has, while still feeling fresh and different enough from something like that.

This is going to be a spectacular, emotional series of heartbreak, parallel universes, and gorgeous art. If that doesn’t sell you like it does me, I don’t know what will! At least check out this great first issue, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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