Imaginary Fiends #3 Review

Jan 25, 2018


Imaginary Fiends #3
Vertigo Comics 

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Stephen Molna
Coloring by: Quinton Winter 

Agent Melba Li and her imaginary partner Polly Peachpit, continue their search for a missing boy while uncovering an even bigger conspiracy in Maiden Springs. Li has finally pieced together a pattern for the disappearing children.

While Agent Crockett is off tripping balls in the woods he uncovers the barn and Ranger Sands. If you remember from previous issues that this is the barn where Fraidy Cat and the children were. In the midst of Agent Crockett being in the barn strange cat children break into Li’s room and kidnap her.  Polly Peachpit is heartbroken and is faced with a foe from the past.

I loved this issue and how everything is coming round full circle!! The deeper we climb down the rabbit hole the more we see that Polly Peachpit isn’t the villain but more of a protector to Melba Li. I’m anticipating the next issue and my head is swirling full of questions and speculations!! Can it just be time for issue #4 already?!?!

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Let’s take a moment to talk about how absolutely dark and twisted this art is! It’s by far my favorite and I find myself using the art as a screensaver and background on my phone. It truly is the stuff that nightmares are made of. I’m sure Freddy Kruger would be proud!!


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