In Dauntless, More Than 1M Slayers Are Active

Jiminy Christmas! The good folks at Phoenix Labs today announced on their blog that Dauntless has officially surpassed 1 million active players. The open beta officially launched on May 24 and you can still sign up here: I’ve had several opportunities to play Dauntless since their alpha access earlier this year. It’s certainly a player-driven experience and I highly recommend you give it a shot, along with a friend or two.

The 1 million+ Slayers journeying across the Shattered Isles together have also hit a number of milestones and completed some monumental achievements in the two short weeks of the Dauntless Open Beta, including:

  • 50k+ new slayers enlisted every day

  • 22+ million Slayers fallen in combat

  • 6.3+ million hours played, with 152 minutes per session on average

  • 7+ million weapons forged

  • 6+ million Behemoths slain!

Phoenix Labs has a number of additions coming to the Dauntless live service experience in the coming months, the first of which is a new expansion coming in August. Players can expect new weapons, Behemoths, and adventures across the Shattered Isles for months to come.

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