Initial DC Rebirth Stories to Span 2 years, culminating in August 2018

Apr 18, 2016

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Looks like the Stories launching in June 2016 as part of DC Rebirth’s initiative will be culminating in a major story that will take place or begin in August 2018, a little over 2 years after the rebirth.  As far as we know now the build up is to a  singular story, so in all fairness to categorize it as an event at this point could be misinformation, although many expect August 2018 to be the start of another DC crisis.  The best news coming out of this isn’t the major story on the horizon, but rather in order to build to such a wide overarching story that all DC books will indeed be taking place in a tightly synced continuity driven DC Universe.  DC Co-publisher later clarified on his twitter that the companies refocus on continuity does not mean that every DC book will be beholden to one another.


I think after maybe a few stumbles out of the gate and criticism both in the fan and comic book journalism community during the initial rebirth announcement at Wonder-Con 2016, some of which was my own.  It finally feels like the company is really moving in the right direction! All clarification that we have heard from DC higher ups like Dan Didio seems to be that the new continuity created by DC Rebirth is going to be a tightly woven character driven one, like we know from DC glory days of yesteryear pre Flash Point.  This a giant Superman worthy gust of fresh air.  After years of being told to make our own continuity within the Batman books and that continuity does not matter with “DC You”, it seems that the company that so many like myself love is zooming toward a brighter future.

(Sources: Bleeding Cool News & Dan Didio’s Twitter)

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