Injustice 2: New Characters Announced!

Aug 17, 2016


If you aren’t familiar with Injustice: Gods Among Us, it’s Nether Realm’s (Mortal Kombat) take on a side on fighter with characters from the DC universe, I really enjoyed the first game with its pretty great roster and variety of skins taken from the comics and the Arkham Video Games. Now Nether Realm is back with a new installment with returning characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman but also some new heroes that look incredible. I wanted to round up what’s been revealed from the roster so far:

First up, we have the reveal for Blue Beetle and Gorilla Grodd the first making use of a number of powerful alien gadgets and weapons to take down his foes while the latter is a psychic gorilla known for his minor villain role in the Flash. Personally I’m most looking forward to playing as Blue Beetle, his armor and weapons look incredibly fun to use. I enjoyed learning to string together the various gadgets characters had in the first game and Blue Beetle seems to really pack a punch.

Next up, I wanted to show you guys Supergirl, the cousin of Superman and star of her own TV show right now. Also introduced was Atrocitus, who I hadn’t encountered before but comes from the Green Lantern comics. Supergirl seems to have some real sass and has a much faster play style than her older cousin but Atrocitus has this brutal fighting style with the ability to summon creatures and use blood to create tornadoes. I’m especially a fan of Supergirl’s super ability, flying the enemy beyond the sun then laser blasting them back to earth.

This brings us today, with Suicide Squad recently hitting theaters,  Nether Realm have treated us to gameplay of Deadshot, who’s new to the roster and returning character Harley Quinn. Deadshot is a man with many guns and this is reflected through his fighting style in Injustice 2 capable of kicking ass in close quarters or at range. His super is pretty outrageous too delivering a number of blows and shots while his assault rifle spins through the air only to be caught right at the end to deal the final blow. After the story of the first game, it’s unlikely Deathstroke will make a return but it looks like there’s going to be plenty of fun to have with Deadshot in the meantime.

Harley like a number of other returning characters has had a fresh coat of paint and her move set and gadgets tweaked making a return to the game with Bud and Lou, the Jokers pet Hyena’s. Personally I’m hoping to see the return of Batgirl, I loved her play-style in the original despite her being a DLC character.

Are you looking forward to Injustice 2, let is know in the comments or on twitter @The_GWW what you’d like to see come to the roster!

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