Injustice 2: New Story Trailer Welcomes Captain Cold, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern!

NetherRealm has released a new story-mode trailer for Injustice 2. In this video, we see Shattered Alliances Part 2, showcasing not only some new story mode details but more importantly (3) new characters to the roster! Captain Cold, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern!

If you missed Shatter Alliances Part 1 , you can find it here.

In this trailer, we get a glimpse into the story mode and sprinkled fights of several fan favorites. Superman is shown behind bars, getting daily visits from Batman (pen pals, perhaps? haha) and seems to have everyone against him. There’s arguments, fights, and above all, DESTRUCTION! In perhaps Injustice 2’s best trailer yet, it makes all of us even more excited for the game and leaves us dying for more.

Another character in this trailer we are shown for the first time is Reverse Flash! Reverse Flash is an alternate costume of The Flash in Injustice 2, but has his own yellow streaks and voice-over.


Injustice 2 launches for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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