Inkblot # 1 (REVIEW)

Sep 2, 2020



Inkblot # 1
Image Comics

Colors: Emma Kubert
Words: Rusty Gladd

Where most would see a ink stain, I find myself taking another Rorschach Test. I keep getting asked to come back, so I must be pretty good. I just enjoy the opportunity to see the unseen. The splat doesn’t conceal rather it reveals. Rusty Gladd introduces us to an unnamed Seeker, servant to her brother and King. An unconscious summoning seems to finally allow her the chance to write her own story.

Inkblot # 1 is a artistically driven narrative. Illustrations done by Emma Kubert lays out a beautifully diverse and magical land. This is a testament to the talents of this artist, with the characters so richly defined and the beauty of the realms of this world. The story of a land once wild, now tamed by their King, Xandos Voidbreaker. As Kubert illustrates, Gladd gives context to the tale. Rather than provide loads of backstory, the focus seems to be on leaving much hidden, like two of the siblings names. I am interested in discovering what tales this world of magic and mystery has to provide.

The action of the issue begins with the emergence of the cat. From earlier panels of the issue I can attest to abilities of Kubert. So the cats illustration is a stark contrast. Instead of the detail previously shown this issue, the cat has the form of the cat, not necessarily the definition. I am glad the Seeker says cat otherwise, I would have wondered if it was just me that saw it as a cat. I found this small artistic change playfully hinted at this comics message. Between that and the Seeker’s dismay, I suppose that’s why Inkblot # 1 made me think of a Rorschach Test: it speaks of the chance to write your own adventure, to see what you want.

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Score 9.0


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